1.0  Local Telecom Outside Plant Installation

      2.0  GSM Install services

                •Tower Foundation Construction
                •Tower Erection/Installation 20-75m (Microwave and GSM)
                •  Waveguide and Cabling for Towers
                •  Antenna install/de-install(GSM and Microwave links)
                •  Antenna Cable and Waveguide for Indoor installation
                •  GSM Indoor Transceiver BTS Installation/de-installation
                •  Diesel Generator 25-175KVA Install and commissioning
                •  Solar Power Foundation Construction
                •  Solar panel Installation with Controller and Associated Battery
3.0 Earth Station Engineering and services
3.1 VSAT Installation 2.4m-4m Antennas
3.2 Earth station Parabolic Antenna installation (7-18m)
4.0 ICT Hardware Installation and CISCO Networking
5.0 Electrical and electronic equipment installation and commissioning for the Telecom sector in outside plants Fiber Networks.
6.0 Project Management: To provide project management services in all sectors of ICT and Communication sector.
7.0 Outside plant fiber cable trenching/duct/Cable laying
       • Fiber Laying
       • Fiber splicing for single mode
8.0 GSM Network Drive Testing and Network Performance and    Optimization: GSM drive testing and other testing techniques training for Vendor specific hardware could be obtained, and when available, we would be delighted to arrange these courses for our staff.
9. Diesel Generator Testing and commissioning

10. Engineering Management: The XMG Engineers have enormous relevant experience in the electronic, IT and Communications engineering industry and will be ready to provide engineering management services to industries, telecoms and other ICT companies. 
11. Employees: About 8 Electrical/electronic and telecom/communications engineers as well as Senior Ex-Ethiopian Telecom Technicians are working as permanent employees and ten (10) trained engineers/technicians as sub-contract workers.

12. The best in the Telecom and networking industry experienced and trained technical and management personnel will be made available on the job, if given the opportunity to carry out the contract.
13. Overview of Personnel:
      A brief overview of the background and experiences of some of the key personnel in XMG Business Group who will be assigned in various GSM projects is given here below.
Overall Project Manager: The Overall Project Manager to be assigned from XMG Group is Ato Mekasha H/Giorgis. He had been working within the Ethio Telecom in the Microwave/Transmission Division for many years and had special trainings in VHF/UHF Antennas, Microwave antennas, and other communication antenna technologies; had adequate experience in transmission link analysis, GSM Towers and frequencies;
Project Manager for BTS Related works: A BSc Graduate in Electrical Engineering, Ato Fuad Betemariam is working within XMG as a BTS Project Manager and further coordinates all in-door installations in GSM Systems. He had an experience in drive Tests using ERICSSON TEMS GSM testing tools within the Ethio Telecom previous GSM projects.
Project Manager for Tower Erection: A BSc Graduate in Electrical Engineering from Addis Ababa University, Ato Kemal, has worked for XMG Business Group hands-on in Tower Erection Projects sub-contracted from Huawei in the Northern provinces of Shoa and Wollo, of Ethiopia.
BTS Installer: A young professional in GSM In door Equipment and BTS Systems, Ato Bereket has a training in Ericsson and Huawei BTS Systems, works without assistance and had installed more than 10 Complete Systems.
Tower Erection: XMG Business Group has more than two (2) Teams in Tower Erection; there are team members who had been responsible for more than 20 Towers erected in different parts of Ethiopia through the Ethio Telecom Projects.
Power Systems: XMG Business Group has hired Power system professionals with different trainings and backgrounds in Telecom Hardware and GSM Base Stations ; they had similar engagements with Ethio Telecom projects at various periods of past Ericsson and Huawei Projects.
The complete CV of the professionals working for XMG could be made available as and when desired.

14. Installation/Erection and Power Tools

Tower Erection Tools: XMG Business Group has three (3) complete out- door set of Erection Tools available for the three Teams working at various projects.
BTS Installation/Power: XMG has three (3) sets of complete indoor installation tools and power Generator set available for the three teams currently working in the HUAWEI Projects in the field.
XMG Business Group will make available any additional tools required for the Ericsson Project to be sub-contracted out to it.